Wednesdays – Morning Prayer at 10 am will continue through May.  Then it will resume, along with Bible Study, in the fall.  The date will be announced.

The final Morning Prayer until Fall will be on Wed., May 25. This is the day before the Ascension (when we remember Christ's Ascension into Heaven).  We will be having Holy Communion on May 25 and will be remembering this "Day of Ascension." Please join us then to commemorate the Feast of the Ascension of Jesus Christ.  Following the account of Acts 1, the risen Jesus appeared for 40 days prior to his Ascension and then ascended into Heaven while his disciples watched.  They were told to go back to Jerusalem to wait for the coming of the Holy Spirit which we will remember on June 5, the Day of Pentecost.

Mon., May 19, 7 pm – Umpqua Valley Stamp Club.

Thurs., May 23, 2 pm – Episcopal Church Women. 

Thurs., May 26, 10 am – Vestry meeting. 


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