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Donald James Roles, Jr.

Dorothy Mary Wilson
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Allan Brian Romeril
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Betty Jane (BJ) Oswald
1924 - 2018
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Gregory George Cadwallader
d. 2017

Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Severson
1927 - 1917
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Beverly Ann Carnahan
1929 - 2016
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Robert Edwin "Bob" Robins
1927 - 2016
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Joy Ann Williams
1950 - 2015
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Dr. William R. "Bill" Roady
1938 - 2014
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Archie Rutter
1929 - 2014
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Elizabeth  May "Betty" Fretwell
1923 - 2014
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Milton C. "Milt" Baldridge
1925 - 1914
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The Reverend Chester E. "Chet" Falby
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Charles L. Cornwell
1940 - 2013
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Almighty God, with whom still live the spirits of those who die in the Lord, and with whom the souls of the faithful are in joy and felicity: 
We give you heartfelt thanks for the good examples of all your servants, who, having finished their course in faith, now find rest and refreshment. 
May we, with all who have died in the true faith of your holy Name, have perfect fulfillment and bliss in your eternal and everlasting glory; 
through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
~ Book of Common Prayer, page 503