Community Outreach Programs
The people of St. George's have a strong tradition of giving of their time, treasure, and talent to help those in need both in our local community and the world at large.  If you would like to participate or contribute in any way please contact the church office. If you know of a special need in the community, please let us know.

Here are some of our ongoing outreach programs:

FISH   FISH is a local community project that  accepts food and monetary donations at their warehouse.They distribute food to the less fortunate in the community. St. George's is a regular contributor to the program through food donations collected at Sunday services and through other special collection events through out the year.

Community United Program  "CUP"   meets once each month with representatives from local churches, Umpqua  Community Acton network UCAN,JOB Corps, FISH and other local community organizations. The group strives to learn  the needs of the community and working together , meet those needs.

Children's Christmas Tree  During December we obtain from Children Services, the names of fifty children from economically disadvantaged families. The names are put on a paper sock or mitten  and then placed on a tree at church. Each mitten has the name of a child along with  their  age, clothing size and what they would like for Christmas.Church members can then pick one or more names to "adopt" for Christmas. This program has become so popular that we have more Santa's than names. 

Individual church members are also involved in a wide range of community service activities in addition to the above.