The Church operates under the guidance of
 Pastor Gail Duba, Interim Rector,
 and the Vestry. 

Senior Warden:       Pete Benham        

Junior Warden:       Bob Spielman

Vestry Members

Class of 2021
    Jean Bowden
    Kathy Glockner
    Doug Holloway

Class of 2022
    Sue Phelps
    Bill Riley
    Bob Spielman

Class of 2023
    Nancy Baum
    Pete Benham
    Leigh Van Sickle

Treasurer:              Kathy Glockner

Vestry Clerks:        Faye Benham and Margaret Thomas

​The Vestry meets the fourth Thursday of the month from 10 - noon.

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Vestry of St. George 
St. George's Episcopal Church By-laws