St. George News

Get in the Spirit 
You can sign up to host and/or bring a birthday/anniversary cake by signing up on the clipboard by the kitchen. Homemade or purchased cakes are welcome. Donations for coffee may be placed the in the wall box by the Coffee Hour Host list.  

How to Report Maintenance Problems
There is a clip board in the church hallway for recording any maintenance problems that members may find.   Facilities Team members will monitor this board and make any repairs as necessary. We would like to say thank you to  our Facilities Team members, Doug Holloway, Pete Benham, Frank Graham, Bill Riley, Bob Spielman, and Steve Thomas for taking such good care of our buildings.

2023 Altar Flower & Candle Oil Schedule
The sign-up sheet is above the drinking fountain in the hall outside of the sanctuary.  If you want the flowers ordered  from Fisher's Flowers, please mark Fisher's on the list. If you are arranging the flowers yourself, please mark home on the list. The order has to be sent in to Fisher's Flowers at least 2 weeks in advance and this is why we need to know ahead of time. You may also order flowers from other places if you prefer.Thank you. 

Prayer List
Please don’t hesitate to let the church office know if you’d like to place someone on the prayer list. The name usually remains on the list for 5 weeks and then is removed unless otherwise requested. If a name has been removed that you feel needs to be placed back on the list, please let us know.  Thank you.